Personalized Home Care

Our professional caregivers make living at home and maintaining the utmost independence and dignity a reality for our clients 

Elder Care Consultants of Choice selects only the highest caliber individuals to care for you, your family, or your client.

Certified Nursing Assistants and select companions provide gracious care companionship, while assisting with the challenges of daily living:

  • Personal Care
  • Medication Reminders
  • Shopping
  • Meal Preparation 
  • Laundry 
  • Intellectual stimulation and social interaction 
  • Escort & Transportation to appointments, outings, or events 


I turned to Meredith and her exemplary colleagues at ECCC when my husband began experiencing significant cognitive changes, and was in need of care. Care is an understatement for what he received. ECCC’s accomplished Certified Nursing Assistants– with the vision and oversight of Meredith, provided independence, and intellectual stimulation that fundamentally changed our experience of his final years. Not only did they make us feel as though we were their only client, they became a member of our family. ECCC’s home care isn’t a service, it’s a support system like no other.
— Rabbi Deanna Douglas, Wellesley, MA

Our Unique Model

All Parties Considered

  • Fifteen years ago, Elder Care Consultants of Choice recognized that our clients were in need of an exemplary level of personalized, thoughtful and gracious care by human beings who felt respected for their professionalism. Our clients wanted caregivers who would feel a sense of loyalty and would stay with them for as long as necessary; avoiding “parades” of aides. In conversation with agency based Certified Nursing Assistants, we learned that they were wanting an opportunity to be recognized for their value as kind, compassionate and skilled professionals. The CNAs wanted to develop meaningful relationships with those individuals they cared for and to be able to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

Only the Best

  • It was the right thing to do. It was the right time. In consultation with labor law attorneys and tax specialists, we became fully licensed in the Commonwealth to create our recipe for successful relationships among clients and Certified Nursing Assistants. We listened and developed CareTeams comprised of extraordinary individuals who had training, experience, positive energy, and the desire to feel good about their work. We at ECCC wanted the CNAs to earn a living wage. We have done all of this by creating a unique model of care in which our CareTeams converse with one another always striving to be the best and beyond! 


  • Our Personalized Home Care does not cost more to the Client than other home care options. The difference is that the vast majority of the revenues go directly to the finest Certified Nursing Assistants. All required legal and tax requirements are met through an established payroll service. The CNAs experience paid vacations, holidays, pay increase based on performance as well as bonuses. Boutique style care at market rate.

Authentic Personalization

  • Their greater sense of self-esteem and self- worth enable them to attend to our clients’ particular style of living and desire to be cared for in their own way. The CNA’s share that for the first time in their lives, they have been afforded the financial capacity to provide for their families while oftentimes furthering themselves professionally. 

The Result

  • The oversight of our Elder Care Consultants as advanced clinicians, educated, trained and experienced, assures our clients that their ever-changing and challenging care needs will be met with innovation, ingenuity and a capacity for sustained collaboration and cooperation. It makes our care truly special.