We're committed advocates of independence who work with creative passion to empower our elder clients and their families to build from their strengths. You planted the seeds throughout life, we provide the tools, optimism and experience to now pick the best fruit.

In discussion with the client, extended family, and involved professionals, Elder Care Consultants of Choice (ECCC) assists clients to define everything from their greatest aspirations, to their sincerest areas of concern.  

Once a comprehensive assessment has been completed, ECCC recommends personalized options to maximize the client's quality of life, and optimize procedures to work in harmony with those closest to them. Additionally, contingency plans are strategically developed to respond to life's unexpected changes. Each client's plan of care is reviewed at agreed upon intervals to ensure that exceptional standards are being met in every dimension.  

To our clients and their inner most circles, this stage in life can seem like a complex game of chess. Whether we're playing one piece or taking on the whole match with you, our decades of experience provide us with deep insight into every move. 


Core Team


Meredith Beit Patterson, MSW, LICSW, CMC  

Founder & Managing Director  by advocating for an optimistic vision of elder independence that is actualized by creative strategy taken from decades of experience, and thought leadership.

Meredith has 30 years of experience in the field of health care and aging. As a pioneer in the professional specialty of Geriatric Care Management, she founded Meredith Patterson Associates in 1988 to provide elder care consulting and management for individuals and families. Ten years later, as a rising voice in the ethics of elder care, Meredith intentionally developed a unique home care model in which the client and the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) would experience a greater sense of respect, the client was ensured the highest caliber of care, and the aide would be compensated at a significantly higher rate of pay. However, the cost to the client would be no more than the market rate. 

In 2012, Meredith renamed Meredith Patterson Associates to Elder Care Consultants of Choice, LLC to reflect the firm's growth, expansion of services, and recognized position of leadership. 

Meredith was among the first professional care managers to be inducted as a Fellow of the GCM Leadership Academy. This honor is granted only to those members who have demonstrated the highest level of involvement at all levels of the Association.

Meredith's lifelong passion for her work is evident in her presentation and communication. She conveys her expertise through her collaboration with clients' trusted advisors and practitioners and uses her honed art of listening with her clients and their families. Her positive energy, knowledge of choices, and her style of "no stone unturned" in her advocacy, provides the client with creative solutions and solid plans.

She lives with her husband in MetroWest Boston, enjoys cooking for her family and friends, gardening, and attending music and theatre events in the city.  

Diana M. O'Neill , B.S.

Administrative Director  by serving as the touchpoint to ECCC to ensure quality across the board, and engage the detailed needs of all parties with dignity and respect. 

Before joining ECCC over 15 years ago, Diana served as an account manager in the worldwide logistics and planning department of a high tech corporation. There she sharpened her tools in mediation, employment policy/enforcement, and training. For one program, she designed, implemented and evaluated major training efforts reaching 1200 members. 

Diana activates her years of experience in HR to ensure that clients utilizing ECCC’s Personalized Home Care receive extraordinary value by: maintaining dignified relationships with our Certified Nursing Assistants; acting as a resource to clients by being an open line of communication, and meticulously managing the administrative details that keep the care process running smoothly. 

Diana holds a B.S. from Boston University. She starts her days early with spin classes and weight training, and maintains her lifelong commitment to bettering her chops on the piano (currently wrestling her favorites by Al Jolsen andBeethoven). She lives in MetroWest Boston with her husband, and enjoys visits from her grandchildren.